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Feeling home.

Our Promise

Cosyness - no matter where you are

High-quality cosy blankets, plaids and cushions make the home an even better place - even cosier, even more comfortable.

Three themes in particular distinguish our products:

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Quality and Design

High-quality cosy blankets, plaids and cushions make the home an even better place - even cosier, even more comfortable. But Biederlack blankets are not only an individual expression of personality, they are also a statement of quality, Made in Germany.

Our design team puts its whole heart and soul into the design of our unique living rug collections. That is why our blankets radiate so much personality and love.

This love can be found in every little detail - a fluffy soft surface, a filigree edging or a particularly unusual design. You can feel our special signature in each of our blankets, which conveys a feeling of security and home.

Kinderdecke Triomino - nachhaltig produziert in Deutschland

An important component with us is sustainable, responsible production that protects people, the environment and valuable resources.

Sustainably produced blankets give you the good feeling of acting responsibly and thinking about a functioning world for the next generation. Through our sustainable production at the Greven site in Germany, we have been acting ecologically and socially responsibly for more than just a few years. We place the highest value on materials of sustainable origin and always try to make our production even more efficient and ecological. 

Anyone who snuggles into Biederlack blankets can feel good with a clear conscience.

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At Biederlack, on-site production means that everything from weaving to sewing, finishing and making up the blankets is done at our production site in Germany.

This guarantees a consistently high quality standard and makes all steps traceable. This transparency runs through the entire supply chain. Good and long-standing relationships with our suppliers are enormously important to us. We know exactly where the yarns we use come from and only use GRS certified yarns (Global Recycle Standard) to protect the environment and resources.  


Feeling home.




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